Pre-Action Systems

A pre-action sprinkler system is similar to the dry sprinkler system in which water is not occupying the piping system. A pre-action sprinkler system can be set up with a double interlock where pressurized air or nitrogen occupies the piping system, rather than water. The difference between pre-action and dry sprinkler systems, is that the water in a pre-action system’s water supply is held from the piping system by a pre-action valve – an electrically operated valve that opens following the detection of a fire.

The detection system will identify a developing flame and open the pre-action valve. Water will then flow through the piping system and the automatic sprinkler heads will open. Water will immediately begin to disperse. Pre-action systems are specifically designed to provide controlled protection. These systems allow fast detection and extinguishing.

Pre-action sprinkler systems are specialized for installation and use in water sensitive areas, such as computer rooms, data centres, museums, etc. Certified Red Seal journeymen at Metro Fire Protection Ltd. have the trained skills and abilities to design, install and repair pre-action sprinkler systems for a variety of industries, including commercial, industrial, government, residential and high-rise projects.

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