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Preventing Workplace Fire Hazards with Fire Protection Systems

Preventing Workplace Fire Hazards with Fire Protection Systems

Preventing Workplace Fire Hazards with Fire Protection Systems

It’s very easy to forget the numerous fire hazards present in just about any modern workplace, especially if you have never experienced a workplace fire yourself. At Metro Fire Protection Ltd., we know that workplace fires can and do happen, and we provide fire protection equipment and systems in Calgary to help prevent them. Let’s take a look at what some common workplace fire hazards are and how they can be prevented.

Common Workplace Fire Hazards

Four of the most common workplace fire hazards in just about any type of workplace – from an office to a warehouse – are:

1) Faulty Electrics
Faulty electrics can start a fire at any time and should not be ignored. Be on the lookout for any frayed wires, loose wires, broken plugs, or old and damaged electronic equipment. Your workplace electrics and electrical equipment should be inspected on a regular basis. One stray spark from a faulty wire or plug could easily land on and ignite nearby combustible material.

2) Overloaded Electrics
Even if your electrical wiring is in good condition and regularly inspected, overloading the electrics can still cause a workplace fire. Make sure that everyone in the workplace knows not to overload sockets and to unplug power-hungry electric appliances such as personal space heaters at the end of the day.

3) Clutter
Clutter poses a workplace fire hazard in more ways than one. The first is that most clutter, such as boxes and papers, is highly combustible and can contribute to the spread of a blaze. A cluttered workplace will also make it more difficult for everyone in the building to safely evacuate if a fire does ignite.

4) Uninformed/Negligent Behavior
Many workplace fires are started by uninformed or negligent employees. Behaviour such as overloading sockets, leaving food unattended on a stovetop, or smoking in non-designated smoking areas can all pose a fire risk. Make sure that all employees are properly trained and informed about fire safety and that careless and negligent behaviour is not allowed to slide.

Workplace Fire Protection Systems and Equipment in Calgary

Despite taking even the most stringent of precautions, you must always be prepared for the possibility of a workplace fire by having the right fire protection equipment in Calgary installed. Your fire protection system should be suited to meet the unique specifications of your workplace. At Metro Fire Protection Ltd. we carry and install a wide range of fire suppression systems so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The different types of fire protection systems are:

The experts at Metro Fire Protection Ltd. will evaluate your workplace and recommend the right types of fire protection systems in Calgary for your needs. You can count on our fire protection equipment to keep you safe and to mitigate damage in the event of a workplace fire. To find out more about our fire protection equipment and systems in Calgary, just contact Metro Fire Protection Ltd. today.

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